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12 June 2008 @ 23:51
As some of you may know, I am a student at the University of Provence, in Aix en Provence, south France. And two weeks ago, I decided to take my camera and go lose myself into the streets. And I did, and it's amazing what you see when you just stop and look.

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12 June 2008 @ 23:41
Because my cat is always available, he is my first subject of experiment. Hence lots of photos of him.

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05 June 2008 @ 00:24
A three hours ride on my bike, in the evening, and I end up with a hundred photos. Provence has such lovely colours, I don't know how I ever managed in Paris. Enjoy :)

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29 May 2008 @ 19:49
Horse riding again! The lovely Virginia, my new teacher, and another rider, taking their lesson before she gave us ours. And also Bruno, because he is so much fun. Camera: Nikon D60, lens AF-S VR 18-55mm.

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25 May 2008 @ 15:26
Aha, not photos by me but of me this time. And of the friend who made me riding again possible. And of the lovely Virginia who endures it all on Tuesdays XD

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